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The Royal Economic Society has provided the necessary start-up funds for this website and will later become its host. Support for scholarly editions of major economic works has been part of the mission of the RES since it was founded in 1890. We envisage this site as another means of furthering that mission.

Direction of the project and compilation of the information is the joint responsibility of Susan Howson and Donald Moggridge, with Azhar Hussain being responsible for overseeing the technical development and programming of the website.

Susan Howson is Professor of Economics in the University of Toronto. With Donald Winch she co-authored The Economic Advisory Council 1930-1939; A Study in Economic Advice during Depression and Recovery (1977). She is the editor of The Collected Papers of James Meade (1988-90. volumes 1 to 3) and, with Donald Moggridge, the editor of James Meade’s Cabinet Office diary (Collected Papers, volume 4) and The Wartime Diaries of Lionel Robbins and James Meade (1990). She has recently published the official biography of Lionel Robbins.

Donald Moggridge is Professor of Economics in the University of Toronto. He is the author of Maynard Keynes; An Economist’s Biography (1992) and one of the chief editors of the RES’s thirty-volume edition of The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes (1971-89). He is currently editing the professional correspondence of Sir Dennis Robertson and has recently finished a biography of the Canadian economist, Harry G. Johnson.