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List of Abbreviations


BL –  British Library

BLPES – British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Department, London School of Economics

Boase F – Boase, Modern English Biography, 6 vols. re-issue ( London, 1965)

Bodleian – Bodleian Library, Oxford

ODNB – The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, eds. H. C. G. Matthew and Brian Harrison ( Oxford, 2004) online edition

Durham DP – Durham University, Department of Palaeography

ESS – Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, ed. Edwin R. A. Seligman and Alvin Johnson, 15 vols. (New York, 1930)

GUAS – Glasgow University Archive Service

GULSC – Glasgow University Library Special Collections

IESS – International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, ed. David L. Sills, 17 vols. (New York, 1968)

JRUL – Manchester, John Rylands University Library

KC – King’s College Modern Archive Centre, Cambridge

NLI – National Library of Ireland

NLS – National Library of Scotland

NLW – National Library of Wales

NPG – National Portrait Gallery

NRA – National Register of Archives

Palgrave R. H. I – Palgrave, Dictionary of Political Economy ( London, 1894)

New Palgrave – The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 4 volumes, eds John Eatwell, Murry Milgate, and Peter Newman, ( London, 1987)

PRO – Public Record Office (now known as the National Archives)

PRONI – Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

RO – Record Office

SNG – Scottish National Gallery

SNPG – Scottish National Portrait Gallery

UCL – University College London

UL Cambridge – University Library