Papers including diaries, student notes, lecture notes, memoranda, papers and research notes, and extensive correspondence.

Robbins Papers, BLPES

Memoranda and correspondence written as chief economic assistant and then director of Economic Section of Cabinet Offices, 1940-5.

T230, National Archives

Correspondence and papers as a trustee of the National Gallery 19542-74 and as chairman of the trustees 1954-9, 1960-7,

National Gallery Archives, National Gallery, London

Correspondence and papers as a director of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden 1956-73, Royal Opera House Archives, Royal Opera House, London

Minutes and papers of the Committee on Higher Education, 1961-3, ED 116, 117, National Archives

Minutes and papers of Committee of Economists, 1930, CAB 58/150 and 151, National Archives

Correspondence and memoranda re W.H. Beveridge et al, Tariffs: The Case Examined (1931), 1930-1, COLL MISC 11, BLPES

Correspondence and papers of Academic Freedom Committee, LSE, 1933-9, COLL MISC 683, BLPES


WALTER ADAMS, Correspondence 1967-70, Walter Adams Papers, BLPES

WILLIAM MAURICE ALLEN, Correspondence 1957-62, W.M. Allen Papers, ADM 12, Bank of England Archives

WILLIAM JACK BAUMOL, Correspondence 1950-79, Baumol Papers, Perkins Library, Duke University

SIR ISAIAH BERLIN, Correspondence 1965-71, Berlin Papers, Bodleian Library, Oxford

WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Correspondence and memoranda, 1924-39, and notes on trade cycle literature 1924, Beveridge Papers, BPLES

ROBERT HENRY BRAND, BARON BRAND, Correspondence 1943-51, Brand Papers, Bodleian Library, Oxford

EDWARD HASTINGS CHAMBERLIN, Correspondence 1954-5, Quarterly Journal of Economics Archive, Nathan Marsh Pusey Library, Harvard University

EDWIN CANNAN, Correspondence 1924-34, Cannan Papers, BLPES

ALEXANDER MORRIS CARR-SAUNDERS, Correspondence 1937-45, Carr-Saunders Papers, BLPES

WINSTON SPENCER CHURCHILL, Correspondence 1935 and 1950, Sir Winston Churchill Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College Cambridge

JOHN BELL CONDLIFFE, Correspondence 1936-51, Condliffe Papers, Bancroft Library, Berkeley

LIONEL GEORGE CURTIS, Correspondence 1939 and 1951, Lionel Curtis Papers, Special Collections and Western Manuscripts,  Bodleian Library, Oxford

LUIGI EINAUDI, Correspondence 1933-55, Einaudi Papers, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Turin

FRANK WHITSON FETTER, Correspondence 1935, 1958-62, Frank W. Fetter Papers, Perkins Library, Duke University

MILTON FRIEDMAN, Correspondence 1951-77, Friedman Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

COLIN GRANT CLARK, Correspondence 1928, 1934, 1959, 1975, Colin Clark Papers, Fryer Library, University of Queensland

EVAN FRANK MOTTRAM DURBIN, Correspondence 1929-40, Durbin Papers, BLPES

HUGH TODD NAYLOR GAITSKELL, Correspondence 1946-54, Gaitskell Papers, Special Collections Library, University College London

MORRIS GINSBERG, Correspondence 1951-2, Ginsberg Papers, BLPES

GOTTFRIED HABERLER, Correspondence 1932-77, Haberler Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; correspondence 1936, League of Nations Archives, United Nations Library, Geneva

ROY FORBES HARROD, Correspondence 1935-72, Harrod Papers, Chiba University of Commerce

RALPH GEORGE HAWTREY, Correspondence 1935, 1948-70, Hawtrey Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge

FRIEDRICH AUGUST VON HAYEK, Correspondence 1945-80, Hayek Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

HUBERT DOUGLAS HENDERSON, Correspondence 1932-4, Henderson Papers, Nuffield College, Oxford

JOHN RICHARD HICKS, Correspondence, Hicks Foundation, Oxford

PER JACOBSS0N, Correspondence 1933-59, Jacobsson Papers, Offentliched Bibliothek der Universitat Basel

HARRY GORDON JOHNSON, Correspondence 1967-75, Harry Johnson Papers, Regenstein Library, University of Chicago

NICHOLAS KALDOR, Correspondence, 1932-77, memoranda and notes of Robbins’s Comparative Economic Theory lectures given at LSE in 1929, Kaldor Papers, Modern Archive Centre, King’s College Cambridge

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Correspondence 1928-46, Keynes Papers, Modern Archives Centre, King’s College Cambridge

FRANK HYNEMAN KNIGHT, Correspondence 1933-69, Knight Papers, Regenstein Papers, University of Chicago

IMRE LAKATOS, Correspondence 1966-73, Lakatos Papers, BLPES

ALEXANDER LOVEDAY, Correspondence 1936-8, League of Nations Archives, United Nations Library, Geneva, and 1936, Loveday Papers, Nuffield College Oxford

FRITZ MACHLUP, Correspondence 1934-79, Machlup Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

MACMILLAN & CO LTD, Correspondence and reader’s reports, 1932-63, Macmillan Archive, British Library

JAMES EDWARD MEADE, Correspondence 1948-81, Meade Papers, BLPES

LLOYD METZLER, Correspondence 1951, Metzler Papers, Perkins Library, Duke University

LUDWIG HEINRICH EDLER von MISES, Correspondence 1925-32, Mises Papers, Special Archive for Historico-Documentary Collections, Moscow; correspondence 1933-5, 1943 and 1947, Grove City Archive, Grove City College Library, Grove City, Pennsylvania

OSKAR MORGENSTERN, Correspondence 1931, 1972-7, Morgenstern Papers, Perkins Library, Duke University

DON PATINKIN, Papers from Robbins Seminar 1956-7, Correspondence 1987-93, Patinkin Papers, Perkins Library, Duke University

MARK PERLMAN, Correspondence 1970-84, Mark Perlman Papers, Perkins Library, Duke University

KARL RAIMUND POPPER, Correspondence 1949-81, Popper Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

ARNOLD PLANT, Correspondence 1924-45, memoranda 1930-4 and notes of Robbins’s lectures on Element of Economics given at LSE 1930-1, Plant Papers, BPLES

EZRA POUND, Correspondence 1934, Pound Collection, Beinecke Library, Yale University

WILLIAM RAPPARD, Correspondence 1933-57, Federal Archives, Bern; correspondence 1934-54, GIIS Archives, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva

LOUIS RASMINSKY, Correspondence 1972-7, Rasminsky Papers, Bank of Canada

DENNIS HOLME ROBERTSON, Correspondence 1948-53, Robertson Papers, Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

EDWARD AUSTIN GOSSAGE ROBINSON, Correspondence 1941-5, Robinson Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge; Correspondence 1947-1971, Royal Economic Society Archives, BLPES

JOAN VIOLET ROBINSON, Correspondence, 1932 and 1958, Joan Robinson Papers, Modern Archives Centre, King’s College Cambridge

JOSEPH ALOIS SCHUMPETER, Correspondence 1934-49, Schumpeter Papers, Nathan Marsh Pusey Library, Harvard University

EDWARD TAYLOR SCOTT, Correspondence 1926-31, Manchester Guardian Archive, John Rylands Library, Manchester

PIERO SRAFFA, Correspondence 1955-68, Sraffa Papers, Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

JACOB VINER, Correspondence 1929-69, Viner Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University

GRAHAM WALLAS, Correspondence 1923-32, Wallas Papers, BLPES

CHARLES KINGSLEY WEBSTER, Correspondence 1934-54, Webster Papers, BLPES

JOHN WATKINS, Correspondence 1968-84, Watkins Papers, BLPES

SIDNEY WEINTRAUB, Correspondence 1955, Sidney Weintraub Papers, Perkins Library, Duke University

JOSEPH WILLITS, Correspondence 1946-65, Rockefeller Foundation Archive, Rockefeller Archive Centre

INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS, Correspondence 1958-81, Institute of Economic Affairs, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

LEAGUE OF NATIONS UNION, memoranda 1937, LNU Archive, BLPES

MONT PELERIN SOCIETY, Minutes of 1947 Mont Pelerin meeting and correspondence with Albert Hunold 1947-63, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

ROYAL ECONOMIC SOCIETY, Correspondence 1955 and 1966-7, Robbins Contributor’s file, RES Archives, BLPES

ROYAL INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, Memoranda for Study Group on International Monetary Problems 1932-3, and correspondence and memoranda for Study Group on Atlantic Union 1951-2, Royal Institute of International Affairs Archives, Chatham House, London


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NPG; LSE: portrait by William Coldstream; New College Oxford: portrait by Richard Robbins; photographs in Ralf Dahrendorf, LSE (1995) and Susan Howson, Lionel Robbins (2011)