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HUME, JOSEPH 1777-1855


A group of letters to various correspondents, 1822-1852. NLS, MS. 3397.

Nine letters to various correspondents, 1822-1852.

Aberdeen UL, MSS. 2135, 2271.

A few letters to and from various correspondents, on behalf of Jeremy Bentham, 1816-1830.

Bentham MSS., UCL

Seven letters to various correspondents, 1813-1834.

Foxwell collection, Baker Library, Harvard University.


EDWARD BAINES, two letters, 1836-1848.

Baines papers, Leeds City Library, Archives Dept.

JEREMY BENTHAM, five letters, 1829-1830. BL Add. MS. 33546.

HENRY PETER BROUGHAM, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux,

54 letters, 1826-1853.

Brougham papers, UCL

JOHN HILL BURTON, 20 letters, 1838-1854. NLS, MS. 9404.

GEORGE CANNING, several letters, 1822-1826.

Canning papers, Leeds City Library, Archives Dept.

EDWIN CHADWICK, 42 letters, 1831-1849. Chadwick papers, UCL

THOMAS CHALMERS, two letters, 1832.

Chalmers papers, New College, Edinburgh.

RICHARD COBDEN, c. 200 items, 1839-1854. BL Add. MS. 43668.

F. A. COX, five letters, 1825-1828.

Marischal College Archives, Aberdeen UL

EDWARD DAVIES DAVENPORT, seven letters, 1835-1846.

Bromley-Davenport Muniments, Manchester J. R. UL

BENJAMIN DISRAELI, Earl of Beaconsfield, 12 letters, 1850-1852.

Disraeli papers, NRA 0842.

WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, 11 letters, 1846-1854.

BL Add. MSS: 44363-44584.

GEORGE HAMILTON GORDON, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, c. 90 items, 1829-1854.

BL Add. MS. 43200.

HENRY GEORGE GREY, 3rd Earl Grey, 15 letters, 1831-1849.

Grey of Howick papers, Durham D.P.

JOHN CHARLES HERRIES, several letters, 1852-1853.

BL Add. MSS. 57366-57469.

THOMAS HODGSKIN, four letters, 1824-1846. NLS, MS. 3112.

GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE, three letters, 1844.

Holyoake collection, Co-operative Union Ltd, Manchester.

WILLIAM HUSKISSON, four items, 1825. BL Add. MS. 38747.

ROBERT BANKS JENKINSON, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, five items, 1813-1823.

BL Add. MSS. 38292-38410.

JOHN LEE, six letters, 1831-1838. N. L.S., Lee papers.

PETER MACKENZIE, c.20 letters, 1831-1858. Mackenzie papers, NRA 11630.

HORACE MANN, eight letters, n.d.

Horace Mann papers, Library of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston.

SIR WILLIAM NAPIER, several letters, 1833-1851. Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. c251.

ROBERT OWEN, three letters, 1830-1832.

Robert Owen correspondence, Co-operative Union Ltd, Man­chester.

R. PAGE, 12 letters, 1839-1841. Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. b3.

SIR ROBERT PEEL, c.70 items, 1822-1848.

BL Add. MSS. 40344-40600.

FRANCIS PLACE , many letters, 1814-1841.

BL Add. MSS. 35145-35151, 37949-37950.

ADOLPHE QUETELET, four letters, 1833-1845.

Quetelet papers, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Brussels.

SIR JOHN and SIR GEORGE SINCLAIR, c. 60 letters, 1812-1853.

Sinclair of Ulbster papers, NRA 10552.

JOHN BENJAMIN SMITH, nine letters, 1840-1841.

J. B. Smith papers, Manchester City Library.

HENRY JOHN TEMPLE, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, eight letters, 1836-1851.

Broadlands papers, NRA 12889.

SAMUEL WHITBREAD, four letters, 1813-1814.

Whitbread papers, Bedfordshire RO

SIR ROBERT JOHN WILMOT-HORTON, four letters, 1823-1826.

Catton collection, Derby Borough Library.

GEORGE WILSON, five letters, 1839-1850.

Wilson papers, Manchester City Library.

Printed Material

Palgrave II 343; ODNB; Boase I 1586.

Portraits: B. M. (P) ; N. P. G. ; UCL ; House of Commons Library.