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HUME, DAVID 1711-1776


Correspondence, consisting of 525 letters to Hume, some from economists, and 159 letters of Hume, including those to Adam Smith and Francis Hutcheson. Also a small group of letters about Hume from just before and after his death, 1775-1776. Some manuscripts of verses, notes, memoranda and his pub­lished works, plus papers not in Hume’s hand. 13 bound volumes in all.

Hume papers, Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Notes and corrected proofs for some of his published works.

NLS, MSS. 509, 732-734, 786, 1703.

His manuscript account, with copies of correspondence, of the quarrel with Rousseau.

N. L. S., MS. 5722.

A memorandum on Canadian paper money, with two related letters of 1765.

NLS, M S. 2619.

His diary of the 1746 military expedition to Port L'Orient. BL Add. MS. 36638.

Printed Material

The Letters of David Hume , ed. John Young Thomson Greig, 2 vols. ( Oxford, 1932).

The first volume has letters, 1727-1765, and the second 1766-1776.

New Letters of David Hume , ed. E. C. Mossner and R. Klibansky ( Oxford, 1954).

Includes the letters which have been discovered since Greig's volumes appeared.

David Hume, Writings on Economics , ed. E. Rotwein ( London, 1955).

A collection of Hume's writings from various sources which deal with economic questions.

New Palgrave ; ODNB; ESS VII 550; IESS VI 546.

Portraits: BL(P); NPG; SNPG; Edinburgh University.