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Correspondence, including the originals of many out-letters, 1795-1817.

Horner collection, L.S,E.

Some letters to and from Horner on the business of the Acad­emy of Physics, Edinburgh, 1798-1799.

NLS, M5. 756.

Some letters, speeches, a diary Oct-Dec 1816, ten vols. of notes (some being on political economy), 1794-1804, and other papers including some on his last illness and death.

Kinnordy MSS. 18


JOHN ALLEN, 32 letters, 1805-1816. BL Add. MS. 52180.

JEREMY BENTHAM, five letters, 1807-1809. BL Add. MS. 33544.

HENRY PETER BROUGHAM, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, three letters, 1811-1814. Brougham papers, UCL

ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE, six letters, 1803-1816.

NLS, MS. 7200.

ELIZABETH FOX, Lady Holland, four letters (and many of her let­ters to him), 1811-1817. BL Add. MS. 51644.

CHARLES GREY, 2nd Earl Grey, ten letters, 1809-1817.

Grey of Howick papers, Durham D. P.

SIR JAMES MACKINTOSH, one letter and enclosure, 1813. BL Add. MS. 52452.

JAMES REDDIE, many letters, 1803-1815. NLS, MS. 3704.

RICHARD SHARP, a letter and a draft of the Bullion Resolutions, 1811.

Kress Library, Harvard University.

SAMUEL WHITBREAD, five letters, 1808-1811.

Whitbread papers, Bedfordshire RO

Printed Material

LEONARD HORNER, Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner,

M.P. , 2 vols. ( London, 1843).

The second (American) edition, 1853, contains more letters than the first edition.

The Economic Writings of Francis Horner in the Edinburgh Review, 1802-6 , ed. Frank Whitson Fetter ( London, 1957).

The Horner Papers; Selections from the Letters and Miscellaneous Writings of Francis Horner, M.P. 1795-1817 e ds. Kenneth Bourne and William Banks Taylor, (Edinburgh, 1994)

New Palgrave ; ODNB.

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