A few papers of Goschen (which were originally part of the Bal­four papers), including correspondence with A. J. Balfour and some letters on Oxford University matters.

Bodleian, MS. Dep. c182-c183.

A register of Goschen's letters as First Lord of the Admiralty, 1895-1900.

Bodleian, MS. Eng. Hist. c386.

Letters to and from Goschen on financial questions, 1887­1897, with one or two other papers.

Welby collection, BLPES


ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR, 1st Earl of Balfour, many letters, 1887-1906. BL Add. MS. 49706.

JOHN EDWARD COURTENAY BODLEY, five letters, 1884-1886. Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. d174.

HENRY BROADHURST, three letters, 1890-1893. Broadhurst collection, BLPES

EDWARD CARDWELL, correspondence and memoranda, 1869­-1874.

Cardwell papers, PRO

EDWIN CHADWICK, 11 letters, n.d. Chadwick papers, UCL

JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN, 23 items, 1886-1899. Chamberlain papers, Birmingham UL

LORD RANDOLPH CHURCHILL, 14 items, 1886-1893. Churchill papers, Churchill College, Cambridge.

SIR RICHARD ASSHETON CROSS, 27 letters, 1882-1901. BL Add. MS. 51267.

SIR CHARLES DILKE, about 15 items, 1878-1906. BL Add. MSS. 43910-43919.

WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, many letters, 1865-1896. BL Add. MS. 44161.

ALBERT HENRY GEORGE GREY, 4th Earl Grey, about 30 letters, n.d.

Grey of Howick papers, Durham D. P.

FREDERIC HARRISON, five letters, 1863-1869. Harrison papers, BLPES

THOMAS HUGHES, two letters, 1886.

Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. e94.

GRANVILLE GEORGE LEVESON-GOWER, 2nd Earl Granville, sev­eral letters, 1868-1874.

Granville papers, PRO

GEORGE MELLY, eight letters, 1867-1873. Melly correspondence, Liverpool RO

FRIEDRICH MAX MULLER, three letters, 1887-1896. Bodleian, MS. Dep. d170.

SIR STAFFORD NORTHCOTE, eight letters, 1876-1885. BL Add. MS. 50021.

SIR ROBERT HARRY INGLIS PALGRAVE, 14 letters, 1873-1886. Palgrave papers. 9

CHARLES HENRY PEARSON, 16 letters, 1860-1893. Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. d188.

GEORGE FREDERICK SAMUEL ROBINSON, 2nd Earl of Ripon, ten letters, 1866-1888. BL Add. MS. 43532.

GEORGE WILLIAM FREDERICK VILLIERS, 4th Earl of Clarendon, a few letters, 1868-1870.

Bodleian, MS. Clar. Dep. c500.

SIR EDGAR VINCENT, Viscount D'Abernon, 36 letters, 1881­ 1900. BL Add. MS. 48922.

REGINALD EARLE WELBY, 1 St Baron Welby, several letters, 1888­ – 1891.

BL Eg. MSS. 3291 B and D.

CHARLES WOOD, 1st Viscount Halifax, ten letters, 1871-1884. Hickleton papers, NRA 8128.

Printed Material

PERCY COLSON, Lord Goschen and his Friends ( London, 1946).

ARTHUR RALPH DOUGLAS ELLIOTT, Life of Lord Goschen, 2 vols. ( London, 1911).

New Palgrave; ODNB; ESS VI 705.

Portraits: NPG(A); see Colson (above).