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Foxwell’s papers, in great profusion and including a vast corre­spondence on economic, and bibliographical, personal, and other matters, have been catalogued by their owner, Richard Freeman. The collection has been used by authors and editors working on Jevons, Marshall, and Sidgwick.

Letters of Foxwell to Reginald Rye, the Goldsmith’s Librarian, and other officials of London University, c. 100 items, 1903-1916. Correspondence of Sir Walter Prideaux of the Goldsmith’s Company including many letters from Foxwell, c. 330 items, 1900-1916. The papers deal with the purchase of Foxwell’s library, its transfer to London University, the arrangements for bookbinding and the controversies surrounding the location of the library and its use and misuse.

London UL, MSS. 602, 789-790.

A further 86 boxes of assorted personal and other material was donated to London UL by Richard Freeman. It includes collections of newspaper cuttings on the subjects of Foxwell’s teaching and bibliographic inquiries over the period 1901 to 1931. A large part of the material deals with the history of socialism, and money and banking, especially bimetallism.

London UL, MS 1115. Kept at Egham Depository and therefore readers need to give notice of their interest.

Notes and papers on currency, 1884-1893

London UL MS 502.

Some of Foxwell’s correspondence, including c. 400 letters to him from various correspondents, and 72 letters to W. R. Scott, 1889-1933, and a few to James Bonar. Manuscripts of two lec­tures given to the City of London, 1894 and of a review of the Duke of Argyll’s Unseen Foundations, a shortened version of which appeared in the Manchester Guardian.

Foxwell papers, Baker Library, Harvard University.

Many letters in Macmillan Archive, 1885-1920. BL Add. MS. 55196; well over 100 letters to the firm and its members, 1883-1930, in R. D. Freeman Collection (RDFC).

Letters to C. C. Eaton, Arthur H. Cole and Wallace B. Donham, 35 in all, 1927-1932.

Baker Library Archives, Harvard University.

Correspondence and printed testimonials relating to his appointment as Professor at University College, London, 1881. College correspondence, UCL

Student notes on Foxwell’s lectures on currency and banking at LSE, including those of Arnold Plant.

LSE Deposits/9/2 and Plant/474, BLPES


ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR, 12 letters, 1893-1903, in RDFC

CHARLES FREDERICK BASTABLE, 35 letters, 1877-1923, in RDFC

HENRY RAMIÉ BEETON, 3 letters, 1894 in Miscellaneous letters, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

SIR ARTHUR LYON BOWLEY, 2 letters, 1901-1906. Bowley papers, BLPES

EDWIN CANNAN, 16 letters, 1893-1929. Cannan collection, BLPES

SIR GEORGE DARWIN, 4 letters, 1901-1903. Miscellaneous letters, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

FRANCIS YSIDRO EDGEWORTH, 3 letters, 1881-1888. Edgeworth papers. 7

CHARLES RYLE FAY, Miscellaneous letters, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

GEORGE HOWELL, 11 letters, 1892-1906.

Howell papers, Bishopsgate Institute, London.

FRANCIS JOHN HENRY JENKINSON, 23 letters, 1889-1922. Cambridge UL, Add. MS. 6463.

WILLIAM STANLEY JEVONS, 2 letters, 1879-1882. Jevons papers, Manchester J RUL

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, 23 letters, 1910-1932. Keynes papers, KC, Cambridge.

JOHN NEVILLE KEYNES, 34 letters, 1877-1917 in .J. N. Keynes correspondence, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

SIR JOSEPH LARMOR, 14 letters, 1893-1923. St John’s College, Cambridge.

JAMES MAVOR, some letters to Mavor, University of Toronto

ROBERT HARRY INGLIS PALGRAVE, 17 letters, 1885-1906. Palgrave papers. 9

LANCELOT RIDLEY PHELPS, 13 letters, 1890-1917, in RDFC

ARTHUR CECIL PIGOU, 12 letters, 1898-1928, in RDFC


SIR WALTER PRIDEAUX, 70 letters, 1901-1914, in RDFC; and many to him in London U.L collections mentioned above.

DENNIS HOLME ROBERTSON, 12 letters, 1922-1926, in RDFC

JAMES EDWIN THOROLD ROGERS, 20 letters, 1879-1888, in RDFC

REGINALD A. RYE, 117 letters, 1906-1927, in RDFC, and many to him in London UL collections mentioned above.

WILLLIAM ROBERT SCOTT, 405 letters, 1911-1936, in RDFC, also letters to Audrey Foxwell, 1939.

EDWIN ROBERT ANDERSON SELIGMAN, 42 letters, 1888-1930, in RDFC; 19 letters, 1888-1928. Seligman papers, Columbia UL, New York.

GEORGE FINDLAY SHIRRAS, 15 letters, 1913-1930, in RDFC

HENRY SIDGWICK, 56 letters, 1872-1898, in RDFC

WILLIAM SMART, 38 letters, 1889-1930, in RDFC

PIERO SRAFFA, 17 letters, 1923-1931, in RDFC, also letter to Audrey Foxwell, 1956.

SIR JOSIAH STAMP, 14 letters, 1920-1933, in RDFC, also letter to Audrey Foxwell, 1940.

SEDLEY TAYLOR, 3 letters, 1884. Cambridge UL, Add. MS. 6258.

ARNOLD TOYNBEE, 17 letters, 1880-1883, in RDFC

FRANCIS A. WALKER, 18 letters, 1883-1910, in RDFC; 8 letters, 1893-1896. Walker papers, Library of Congress.

GRAHAM WALLAS, 3 letters, 1891-1898. Wallas papers, BLPES

LÉON WALRAS, 23 letters, 1882-1896, in RDFC; 22 letters, 1882-1893.Fonds Walras, Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire, Lau­sanne.

ALLYN YOUNG, three letters, 1928-1929. Baker Library Archives, Harvard University.

Printed Material

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, ‘Herbert Somerton Foxwell’, in Essays in Biography, vol. x of Collected Writings ( London, 1972).

New Palgrave; ODNB

Portraits: NPG(A); see Keynes (above).