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Personal papers, consisting of letters received, copies of letters sent, manuscripts of lectures and notes on economic topics, 1837-1875.

NLI, MSS. 8940-8986.

Letters from John Stuart Mill to Cairnes, 1858-1873, and notes made by Cairnes in 1864 on Mill's Principles of Political Economy. Mill-Taylor collection, BLPES

Letterbook, 1865-67, National University of Ireland, Galway

Some correspondence concerning his position as Professor of Political Economy at UCL


EDWIN CHADWICK, four letters, 1870-1871. Chadwick papers, UCL

LEONARD HENRY COURTNEY, 1st Baron Courtney of Penwith, 53 letters, 1862-1869. Courtney collection, BLPES

GEORGE HOWELL, two letters, 1866-1870. Howell papers, Bishopsgate Institute, London.

WILLIAM STANLEY JEVONS, six letters, 1863-1875. Jevons papers, Manchester JRUL

ROBERT MCDONNELL, several letters, NLI

HARRIET MARTINEAU, three letters, 1862. Martineau papers, Birmingham UL

JOHN STUART MILL, letter or letters, n. d. Mill papers, Yale UL

GEORGE CROOM ROBERTSON, six letters, 1867-1877. Robertson papers, UCL

SARAH BLAKE SHAW, 15 letters, 1862-1868. Houghton Library, Harvard University.

HELEN TAYLOR, three letters, 1873-1875. Mill-Taylor collection, BLPES

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