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BURKE, EDMUND 1729-1797


Between 2000 and 3000 letters to and from Burke, in a chrono­logical sequence, 1744-1797, along with much associated cor­respondence. Notes on French, American and Irish affairs. Papers on a variety of political questions, and many other mis­cellaneous papers. Correspondence and other papers of his ex­ecutors.

Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments, Sheffield City Libraries.

Two groups of letters to Burke, one from English corre­spondents and one from French. Other correspondence, some being of members of his family. Bundles of notes and drafts of speeches on various topics, and other miscellaneous bundles in­cluding verses. 38 bundles in all, c. 1760-1795.

Fitzwilliam MSS., Northamptonshire RO

Printed Material

THOMAS W. COPELAND and MILTON S. SMITH, A Checklist of the Cor­respondence of Edmund Burke ( Cambridge, 1955).

The Correspondence of Edmund Burke , ed. Thomas W. Copeland and John A. Woods, 9 vols. (London and Chicago, 1958­-1970).

Includes the complete correspondence of Burke, from 1744-­1797.

New Palgrave ; ODNB ; ESS III 74; IESS II 221 .

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