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An unpublished lecture on socialism, c. 1896, with related cor­respondence between Bowley and R. F. George, 1953. 15 letters to Bowley from various correspondents, 1895-1935, and a few newspaper cuttings.

Bowley papers, COLL MISC 772, BLPES

Miscellaneous papers, lectures and addresses; notes re wage index, population estimates, national income etc.

Bowley papers, COLL MISC 773, BLPES


WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Baron Beveridge, several letters, 1920-1944.

Beveridge papers, BLPES

EDWIN CANNAN, 20 letters, 1906-1932. Cannan collection, BLPES

HERBERT SOMERTON FOXWELL, 21 letters to, 1889-1929, in RDFC

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Baron Keynes, 36 items, 1922-1944. Keynes papers, KC, Cambridge.

SIR D’ARCY WENTWORTH THOMPSON, 18 letters, 1904-1938. Thompson papers, St Andrews UL

GRAHAM WALLAS, two letters, 1909-1920. Wallas papers, BLPES

Printed Material

AGATHA HILLIAM BOWLEY, A Memoir of Professor Sir Arthur Bowley (1864-1957) and his Family (1972).

IESS II 134; New Palgrave ; ODNB

Portrait: see Bowley (above).