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BARTON, JOHN 1789-1852


A volume containing notes on economic conditions, and copies of his letters to the press. Barton papers, BLPES


THOMAS CHALMERS, one letter, 1822. Chalmers papers, St Andrews UL

CHARLES LENNOX, 5th Duke of Richmond, seven letters, 1831­1836.

Goodwood MSS., West Sussex RO

JEAN CHARLES LEONARD SIMONDE DE SISMONDI, one letter, 1822. Archivio Sismondi, Biblioteca Communale Pescia, Italy.

JOHN STRANG, one letter, 1826.

Records of the Dilettante Society of Glasgow, Glasgow City Archives.

SIR ROBERT JOHN WILMOT-HORTON, two letters, 1830. Catton collection, Derby Borough Library.

Printed Material

JOHN BARTON, Economic Writings, ed. G. Sotiroff, 2 vols. (Regina, Saskatchewan, 1962-1963).

New Palgrave; ODNB;; ESS II 472.

Portrait: BL(P).