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A small collection of letters, 1838-1875, mainly to his father and mother before 1850, but with some to R. H. Hutton. Bagehot papers. 2

Ten notebooks from lectures at University College, London, 1842-1844. UCL

Eight letters to Bagehot, and Mrs Bagehot, from W. E. Glad­stone, 1861-1881.

Giffen collection, BLPES


EDWARD ROBERT BULWER-LYTTON, Earl Lytton, two letters, 1869. Bulwer-Lytton papers, Hertfordshire RO

JOHN ELLIOT CAIRNES, three letters, 1862-1873. NLI, MS. 8944.

ARTHUR HUGH CLOUGH, three letters, 1852-1858. Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. d177, d179, e75.

WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, several letters, 1859-1873. BL Add. MSS. 44392-44440.

WILLIAM STANLEY JEVONS, two letters, 1866. Jevons papers, Manchester JRUL

SIR ROBERT HARRY INGLIS PALGRAVE, five letters, 1873-1875. KC, Cambridge.

SIR ROBERT HARRY INGLIS PALGRAVE, nine letters, 1873-1875. Bagehot papers. 2

HENRY CRABB ROBINSON, six letters, 1849-1856. Crabb Robinson papers, Dr Williams' Library, London.

Printed Material

Love Letters of Walter Bagehot and Eliza Wilson, ed. Mrs Russell Barrington ( London, 1933).

The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot , ed. Norman St John Stevas, 15 vols., (London, 1965-86).

New Palgrave ; ODNB ; Boase I 123; ESS II 384; IESS I 498.

Portraits: NPG(A); see Collected Works (above).