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Ashley's papers, as used in Anne Ashley's biography (see below), do not seem to have survived.

Letters and other papers connected with his work for various official bodies during and after the 1914-1918 war.

BL Add. MSS. 42242-42256.

Letter books, containing c.500 out-letters, 1918-1921, written in his capacity as Vice-Principal of Birmingham University. Birmingham University Archives.


HENRY CARTER ADAMS, five letters, 1895-1900.

Adams papers, Michigan Historical Collections, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION, letters to and from, 1888 -1910.

A.E.A. papers, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.

WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Baron Beveridge, one or two letters, 1925.

Beveridge papers, BLPES

ANDREW BONAR LAW, 1898-1923, 5 letters to, 1904-1912, House of Lords RO

EDWIN CANNAN, seven letters, 1896-1925. Cannan collection, BLPES

RICHARD THEODORE ELY, a few letters, 1888-1900.

Ely papers, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

JOHN LAWRENCE LE BRETON HAMMOND, five letters, 1913-1926. Bodleian, MS. Hammond.

WILLIAM ALBERT SAMUEL HEWINS, a few letters to, 1898-1903, Hewins papers, Sheffield UL,

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Baron Keynes, nine letters, 1912-1921, Keynes papers, KC, Cambridge.

JAMES MAVOR, letters to, University of Toronto Library

EDWIN ROBERT ANDERSON SELIGMAN, 60 letters, 1887-1909. Seligman collection, Columbia UL, New York.

GOLDWIN SMITH, five letters, 1890-1895.

Goldwin Smith papers, Cornell UL, Ithaca, New York.

GRAHAM WALLAS, four letters, 1897-1903. Wallas papers, BLPES

Printed Material

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Portrait: see biography by Anne Ashley (above).