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BABBAGE, CHARLES 1792 – 1871


Correspondence, mainly on scientific matters, but including some on economics and politics, from 1806-1871, with drafts of many of his own letters and some scientific papers.

BL Add. MSS. 37182-37205.

Manuscripts of five scientific papers, 1815-1826, and letters and papers of three committees, 1823, 1829 and 1831, on the Calculating Engine.

Royal Society Library, London.

Small groups of scientific papers and correspondence.

The Libraries of the Science Museum, London; the Royal Astronomical Society, London; Oxford University Museum of the History of Science; and the Cambridge Philosophical Society.


JAMES DAVID FORBES, eight letters and six replies, 1831-1855. Forbes correspondence, St Andrews UL

GEORGE HAMILTON GORDON, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, three items of correspondence, 1844. BL Add. MS. 43243.

SIR JOHN FREDERICK WILLIAM HERSCHEL, 400 items of corre­spondence, 1812-1866. Herschel papers, Royal Society Library, London.

SIR JOHN WILLIAM LUBBOCK, 25 letters, 1829-1860. Lubbock papers, Royal Society Library, London.

SIR CHARLES LYELL, six letters, 1832. American Philosophical Association Library, Philadelphia.

SIR ROBERT PEEL, five items of correspondence, 1822-1842. BL Add. MSS. 40350-40516.

ADOLPHE QUETELET, 15 letters, 1826-1862. Quetelet papers, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Brussels.

WILLIAM SOMERVILLE, 34 letters, 1828-1837. Somerville papers, Bodleian.

CHARLES SUMNER, two letters, 1838. Houghton Library, Harvard University.

WILLIAM WHEWELL, four letters, 1820-1848. Whewell papers, Trinity College, Cambridge.

Printed Material

MABOTH MOSELEY, Irascible Genius: A Life of Charles Babbage ( London, 1964).

New Palgrave ; ODNB; Boase I 116; ESS II 374; IESS I 491.

Portraits: BL (P); NPG; and Moseley (see above).