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1836-1865, diaries, 1836-1861, and a few other papers.
BL Add. MSS. 43647-43678, 43807-43808, 50131, 50748-50751.


1832-1865, including many copies of out-letters. Accounts, both business and estate, papers and notes on various topics, diaries andjournals. Cobden papers, West Sussex RO.


Some correspondence and a few miscellaneous papers, 1815—1865.

Cobden-Sanderson collection, West Sussex RO.


A small amount of correspondence, 1836-1861. Cobden and Unwin papers, West Sussex RO.


Cobden family papers, including some letters to and from Richard Cobden, mainly on business matters, 1825-1857. Manchester City Library.


A large collection of correspondence to family, Julie and Salis Schwabe and miscellaneous correspondents UCLA


Letters to Julie Schwabe, Thomas Hodgkin et al Beinecke Library, Yale University


Letters addressed to Cobden on the business of the Anti-Corn Law League are in the letter books of the League, 1838-1840, Manchester City Library.


Eight letters to various correspondents, 1842-1863. London UL, A.L.s 33-38, 351,250.


Nine letters to various correspondents, 1841-1855, in various collections. Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


One hundred and sixteen letters to various correspondents including James Wilson and Richard Page. Bodleian Library, Oxford


Letters to Rouher, Guizot, Prince Napoléon et al, Archives Nationales, Paris


Fourteen letters to various correspondents, Birmingham University Library


Thirty one letters, Denbighshire RO


Sixty nine letters to various correspondents, William Perkins Library, Duke University


Twelve letters to John Morton, Gloucestershire RO


Letters to Charles Sumner et al, Harvard University Library


Letters to Edmund Potter, Thomas Hunter, Edward Watkin, et al, JRUL, Manchester


Seventy three letters, mainly to Lord John Russell and Lord Cowley, National Archives


Twenty two lettters to Pulsky & Szemere, National Szechenyi Library


Six letters, National Archives of Scotland


Twenty nine letters, NLS


Forty one letters, New York Public Library


Fourteen letters, Historical Society of Pennslyvania


Eleven letters, Pierpont Morgan Library, New York


Five letters, Princeton UL


Twelve letters to various correspondents, Stockport Public Library


Twelve letters to various correspondents, Trinity College Library, Cambridge


Letters to Sir Joshua Walmesley, William Mitchell et al, West Sussex RO



EDWARD BAINES, ten letters, 1841-1855. Baines papers, Leeds City Library, Archives Dept.


WILLLIAM BEADON, thirteen letters, 1840-1851. Somerset RO


JOHN BRIGHT, both sides of the correspondence, 1837—1865.
BL Add. MSS. 43383-43384, 43649-43652.


HENRY PETER BROUGHAM, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, nine letters, 1838-1863.
Brougham papers.UCL


JOHN HILL BURTON, c. 20 letters, 1839-1846. NLS MS.9406.


HENRY CATT, three letters, 1861. University of Chicago Library.


EDWARD DAVIES DAVENPORT, five letters, 1843-1845.

Bromley-Davenport Muniments, Manchester JRUL


THOMAS HAINES DUDLEY, four letters, 1863-1864

Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, over 400 letters, 1841-1865. BL Add. MSS. 44135-44136.


ALEXANDER IRELAND, c. 12 letters, 1855-1865. BL Add. MS. 33515.


LOUIS KOSSUTH, three letters. National Archives of Hungary


SIR LOUIS MALLET, 66 letters, 1860-1865. Mallet Papers, Balliol College Library


MARCO MINGHETTI, six letters, 1847-1861. Bibliotheca dell'Archiginnasio, Bologna


GEORGE MOFFATT, one hundred and six letters, 1853-1864. Herefordshire RO


JOSEPH PARKES, seven letters, 1852-1861. Parkes papers, UCL


FRANCIS PLACE, seven letters, 1840-1846. BL Add. MS. 35151


HENRY RICHARD, c.200 letters. BL


JAMES EDWIN THOROLD ROGERS, 55 letters, 1854-1865. Thorold Rogers papers, Bodleian


LORD JOHN RUSSELL, 1st Earl Russell, c. 12 letters, 1852-1860. BL Add. MS. 38080.


SAMUEL SMILES, 15 letters, 1841-1863. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.


JOHN BENJAMIN SMITH, 115 letters, 1839-1865. J. B. Smith papers, Manchester City Library.


THOMAS SPENCER, four letters, 1848-1849. Spencer papers, London UL MS. 791.


CHARLES STURGE, 25 letters, 1842-1864. BL


JOSEPH STURGE, 481, 1839-1859. BL Add. MSS. 43722, 50131


HENRY JOHN TEMPLE, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, four letters, 1859-1860. Broadlands papers, Southampton UL




GEORGE WILSON, c. 200 letters, 1837-1864. George Wilson papers, Manchester City Library.


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