Thomson's papers passed to his brother Poulett Scrope, who willed them to his nephew Hugh Hammersley, with his own. These papers are not now held by the Hammersley family, nor do they seem to have been deposited with any institution.

Some letters and papers on the formation of a School of Design, 1836-1839. BL Add. MS. 31218.

Four volumes of correspondence, 1831-1834, on commercial negotiations with France, from John Bowring and George William Frederick Villiers (later 4th Earl of Clarendon) to Thomson. Bodleian, MS. Clar. Dep. c546.

The Board of Trade papers contain many letters to and from Thomson on official business. PR0

Despatches to Sydenham as Governor-General of Canada from the Colonial Office, despatches from Lieutenant-Governors to him, letter books of his despatches to the Colonial Office, letter books of internal correspondence, and much other miscellaneous matter relating to his period as Governor-General. Governor-General of Canada Office papers, National Archives of Canada

Some commissions and patents, with three letters to Sydenham and one from him, 1836-1841. Sydenham papers, National Archives of Canada


WILLIAM EDEN, 1st Baron Auckland, two letters, 1834. BL Add. MS. 34460.

EDWARD ELLIGE, 17 letters, n.d. Ellice papers, NLS

CHARLES GREY, 2nd Earl Grey, three letters, 1832. Grey of Howick papers, Durham DP

HENRY GEORGE GREY, 3rd Earl Grey, 18 letters, 1834-1840. Grey of Howick papers, Durham DP

SIR JOHN HARVEY, three letters, 1839-1840. Harvey papers, Canadian Public Archives.

JOHN CAM HOBHOUSE, 1st Baron Broughton, four letters, 1835­1837. BL Add. MSS. 36467-36468.

SIR JAMES PHILLIPS KAY-SHUTTLEWORTH, four letters, 1833-1834. Kay-Shuttleworth papers, Manchester JRUL

JOHN GEORGE LAMBTON, 1st Earl of Durham, eight letters, 1832­1839. Durham papers, National Archives of Canada

SIMON MCGILLVRAY, five letters, 1839. National Archives of Canada, MG19 A-35.

ROBERT OWEN, three items, 1839. Owen correspondence, Co-operative Union Ltd, Manchester.

LORD JOHN RUSSELL, 1st Earl Russell, 47 letters, 1839-1841. Russell papers, PRO

JOHN BENJAMIN SMITH, three letters, 1834-1837.

J. B. Smith papers, Manchester City Library.

HENRY JOHN TEMPLE, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, 15 letters, 1831-1840. Broadlands papers, NRA 12889.

GEORGE WILLIAM FREDERICK VILLIERS, 4th Earl of Clarendon, six letters, 1831-1833. Bodleian, MS. Clar. Dep. c545.

RICHARD COLLEY WELLESLEY, 1st Marquess Wellesley, two letters, 1836-1837. BL Add. MS. 37311-37312.

Printed Material

GEORGE POULETT SCROPE, Memoir of the Life of Charles, Lord Sydenham ( London, 1843).

ADAM SHORTT, Lord Sydenham ( London, 1926). ODNB.

Portraits: BL (P); see Shortt (above).