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24 boxes of lectures in typescript and manuscript, for history and economic history courses and for various special occasions, 1910-1950. Some notes for books and pamphlets, and a few items of correspondence. Tawney papers, BLPES

6O boxes of economic history notes and transcripts from documents. Dept. of Economic History, LSE


WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Baron Beveridge, many letters, 1903-1961. Beveridge papers, BLPES

EDWARD C. CARTER, four letters, 1938. Columbia UL, New York.

SIR RICHARD DOUGLAS DENMAN, 46 letters, 1900-1929. Beveridge papers, India Office Library.

JOHN LAWRENCE LE BRETON HAMMOND, 16 letters, 1917-1947. Bodleian, MS. Hammond.

ARTHUR CREECH JONES, 90 letters, 1929-1961. Creech Jones papers, Rhodes House Library, Oxford.

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Baron Keynes, 14 letters, 1912-1946. Keynes papers, KC, Cambridge.

BRIAN PEARCE, 11 letters, 1938-1941. BLPES

SIR WILLIAM ROTHENSTEIN, four letters, 1934-1942. Houghton Library, Harvard University.

EDWIN ROBERT ANDERSON SELIGMAN, two letters, 1920-1929. Seligman papers, Columbia UL, New York.

GRAHAM WALLAS, six letters, 1914-1924. Wallas papers, BLPES

SIDNEY and BEATRICE WEBB, nine letters, 1933-1947. Passfield papers, BLPES

Printed Material

R. H. Tawney's Commonplace Book, ed. J. M. Winter and D. M. Joslin ( London, 1972). IESS xv 518; New Palgrave; ODNB.