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Personal papers, including much correspondence on politics, poor laws, colonies, finance, etc., 1820-1866. Also notes for speeches, letter books, and registers of letters received. NLI, MSS. 532-543, 555-562, 545-553, 11140, 13345-13413.

A group of letters to Spring-Rice on political topics, 1825-1856. NLS, MS. 2225.

Family correspondence, including some letters to and from his son Charles, 1835-1866. Manchester JRUL, MS. 1187.


MATTHEW AYLMER, 5th Baron Aylmer, five items (copies), 1834. BL Add. MSS. 43236-43237.

CHARLES BABBAGE, 12 items, 1835-1847. BL Add. MSS. 37189-37201.

HENRY PETER BROUGHAM, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, 56 letters, 1825-1864. Brougham papers, UCL

GEORGE CANNING, several letters, 1823-1824. Canning papers, Leeds City Library, Archives Dept.

BENJAMIN DISRAELI, Earl of Beaconsfield, seven letters, 1852. Disraeli papers, NRA 0842.

HENRY RICHARD VASSALL FOX, 3rd Baron Holland, several letters, 1833-1844. BL Add. MS. 51573.

WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, c. 100 items, 1852-1865. BL Add. MSS. 44372-44406.

GEORGE HAMILTON GORDON, 4th Earl of Aberdeen, seven items, 1834-1853. BL Add. MSS. 43236-43251.

CHARLES GREY, 2nd Earl Grey, 18 letters, 1831-1835. Grey of Howick papers, Durham DP

HENRY GEORGE GREY, 3rd Earl Grey, 32 letters, 1831-1845. Grey of Howick papers, Durham DP

WILLIAM HUSKISSON, five items, 1827-1828. BL Add. MSS. 38996-39114.

EDWARD JOHN LITTLETON, 1st Baron Hatherton, four letters, 1833-1834. Hatherton collection, Staffordshire R0SAMUEL JONES LOYD, Baron Overstone, three letters, 1844-1858. Overstone papers, London UL, MS. 804.

MACVEY NAPIER, 69 letters, 1830-1846. BL Add. MSS. 34614-34626.

SIR JOHN NEWPORT, 14 letters, 1827-1842. Newport MSS., Queen's University, Belfast.

ROBERT OWEN, five letters, 1837-1858. Owen correspondence, Co-operative Union Ltd, Manchester.

SIR ROBERT PEEL, c. 85 items, 1818-1849. BL Add. MSS. 40275-40G02.

HENRY CRABB ROBINSON, six items, 1838-1856. Crabb Robinson papers, Dr Williams' Library, London.

LORD DUDLEY COUTTS STUART four letters, 1838-1839. Harrowby papers, NRA 1561.

HENRY JOHN TEMPLE, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, eight letters, 1837-1846. Broadlands papers, NRA 12889.

SIR ROBERT JOHN WILMOT-HORTON, 24 letters, 1826-1834. Catton collection, Derby Borough Library.

CHARLES WOOD, 1st Viscount Halifax, 14 letters, 1835-1851. Hickleton papers, NRA 8128.

THOMAS WYSE, two letters, n.d. NLI, MS. 15025.

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