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25 boxes, containing notebooks, lectures, diaries and autobiographical fragments, and correspondence. There are copies of some out-letters, and over 500 letters received by Sidgwick, including some from economists. Also reviews and letters connected with the memoir of Sidgwick published in 1906.

Sidgwick papers, Trinity College, Cambridge.

Miscellaneous letters on early history of Newnham College, 1869-1881.

Newnham College Library; see also Graham Dakyns below.

Notes from his lectures on philosophical topics, 1874-1876, mainly taken by J. N. Keynes. KC, Cambridge.

Typed copies of letters from Roden B. W. Noel to Sidgwick, 1861-1878. Noel papers, Hull UL

14 letters from F. W. Maitland to Sidgwick, 1877-1900. Maitland papers, Cambridge UL, Add. MS. 7006.


ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR, 1st Earl of Balfour, 40 letters, 1878­1900.

BL Add. MS. 49832.

MARY BENSON, letters to and from, 1857-1900. Bodleian, MS. Dep. Benson 3.

OSCAR BROWNING, letters to,

KC, Cambridge

JAMES BRYCE, Viscount Bryce, 110 items, 1865-1900.

Bryce papers, Bodleian.

EDWARD ROBERT BULWER-LYTTON, Earl Lytton, four letters,


Bulwer-Lytton papers, Hertfordshire RO


282 letters to and from, 1858-1900, the Bart Schulz Collection, Newnham College, Cambridge

FRANCIS YSIDRO EDGEWORTH, three letters, 1882-1887.

Edgeworth papers. 7

RICHARD THEODORE ELY, one or two letters, 1880s.

Ely papers, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

EDWARD ENFIELD, 18 letters, 1868-1869.

Dr Williams' Library, London.

HERBERT SOMERTON FOXWELL, 56 letters to, 1872-1898, in RDFC

JOHN NEVILLE KEYNES, four letters, 1891-1900.

J. N. Keynes correspondence, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

JOHN NEVILLE KEYNES, four letters, 1885-1899.

J. N. Keynes correspondence, Cambridge UL, Add. MS. 7562.

MACMILLAN, several letters, 1866-1896.

BL Add. MS. 55159.

SIR LOUIS MALLET, 2 letters, 1887

Mallet Papers, Balliol College Library

ALFRED MARSHALL, 6 letters to, Sidgwick Papers, Trinity College, Cambridge

FREDERIC WILLIAM HENRY MYERS, ten letters, 1877-1888.

Myers papers, Trinity College, Cambridge.

CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, three letters, n. d.

Houghton Library, Harvard University.

SIR ROBERT HARRY INGLIS PALGRAVE, three letters, 1886-1895.

PaIgrave papers. 9

CHARLES HENRY PEARSON, five letters, 1873-1893.

Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. d190.

GEORGE CROOM ROBERTSON, six letters, 1878-1892.

Robertson papers, UCL

HERBERT SPENCER, two letters, 1891-1897.

Spencer papers, London UL, MS. 791.

JOHN ADDINGTON SYMONDS, six letters, 1882-1890.

Symonds papers, Bristol UL

SEDLEY TAYLOR, six letters, 1876-1895.

Cambridge UL, Add. MS. 6260.

Printed Material

A. SIDGWICK and E. M. SIDGWICK, Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir ( London, 1906).

BART SCHULTZ, Henry Sidgwick, Eye of the Universe; An Intellectual Biography (Cambridge, 2004)

BART SCHULTZ, The Collected Works and Select Correspondence of Henry Sidgwick, CDROM, Intelex, Charlottesville, Va, 1997

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