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Personal and professional papers, correspondence, notes, lectures and publications

Robertson Papers, Trinity College, Cambridge


WILLIAM MAURICE ALLEN, Correspondence 1956-62, Bank of England Archives.

NORMAN ANGELL, Correspondence 1912-59, Angell Papers, Ball State University Library.

GERMÃN BERNÃCER, Correspondence 1942-54, Fondo Documental Germãn Bernãcer, University of Alicante.

WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, BARON BEVERIDGE, Correspondence 1923-58, Beveridge Papers, Personal File, BLPES.

ALEXANDER KIRKLAND CAIRNCROSS, Correspondence 1949-63, Cairncross Papers, University of Glasgow.

COLIN CLARK, Correspondence 1931-8, 1948, Clark Collection, University of Queensland.

EVAN FRANK MOTTRAM DURBIN, Correspondence 1935-9, Durbin Papers, BLPES

MILTON FRIEDMAN, Correspondence 1949-60, Friedman Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

ALVIN HARVEY HANSEN, Correspondence 1939-59, Hansen Papers, Pusey Library, Harvard University.

GOTTRIED HABERLER, Correspondence 1934-6, League of Nations Archives, Geneva; Haberler Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

SIR ROY FORBES HARROD, Correspondence 1926-60, Harrod Papers, BL ADD 71188, 71618, 72764, 72765; Royal Economic Society Archives, LSE; Harrod Papers, Chiba University of Commerce; John Maynard Keynes and Roy Harrod Letters and Memoranda, University of Tokyo.

SIR RALPH GEORGE HAWTREY, Correspondence 1933-63, Hawtrey Papers, Churchill College Archive Centre, Cambridge.

SIR HUBERT DOUGLAS HENDEDRSON, Correspondence 1914-48, Henderson Papers, Nuffield College, Oxford.

PER JACOBSSON, Correspondence 1938-53, Per Jacobson Papers, Univeritäts Bibliotek, Basel.

HARRY GORDON JOHNSON, Correspondence 1947-61, Johnson Papers, Regenstein Library, University of Chicago.

NICHOLAS KALDOR, BARON KALDOR, Correspondence 1932-61, Kaldor Papers, KC, Cambridge.

RICHARD FERDINAND KAHN, BARON KAHN, Correspondence 1929-56, Kahn Papers, KC, Cambridge.

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, BARON KEYNES, Correspondence 1912-46, Keynes Papers, KC, Cambridge.

ABBA PTACHYA LERNER, Correspondence 1931-50, Abba Ptachya Lerner Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.

SIR ALEXANDER LOVEDAY, Correspondence 1935-8, League of Nations Archive, Geneva.

FRITZ MACHLUP, Correspondence 1936-63, Machlup Papers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

JAMES EDWARD MEADE, Correspondence 1932-60, Meade Papers, BLPES.

ENOCH POWELL, Correspondence 1958-9, Powell Papers, Churchill College Archive Centre, Cambridge.

LIONEL CHARLES ROBBINS, Correspondence 1931-60, Robbins Papers, LSE; 1931, Beveridge Papers, BLPES.

EDWARD AUSTIN GOSSAGE ROBINSON, Correspondence 1928-56, Austin Robinson Papers, Marshall Library Cambridge.

GEORGE HUMPHREY WOLFERSTON RYLANDS, Correspondence 1921-39, Rylands Papers, KC, Cambridge.

JAN TINBERGEN, Correspondence 1936-9, League of Nations Archive; Tinbergen Papers, Erasmus University.

JACOB VINER, Correspondence 1932-56, Viner Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University.

DAVID MCCORD WRIGHT, Correspondence 1946-55, Wright Papers, Georgia Historical Society, Savannah; 1945-60, Wright Papers, University of Virginia.

Printed Material

DNB 1961-70 885; ODNB XLVII 217; New Palgrave 4 208; IESS XIII 520.

Portraits: N.P.G.; Trinity College, Cambridge; Marshall Library of Economics, Cambridge.