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No Pennington papers are known to exist.

The so-called Pennington Papers of the University of Chicago Library are in fact three out-letters and one in-letter, 1845­-1862, to Treasury officials on financial matters.

One letter of W. E. Gladstone to Pennington, 1854.

London UL, AL 54.


GEORGE ARBUTHNOT, letters and memoranda, 1827-1855.

Welby collection, BLPES

WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, a memorandum, n.d

BL Add. MS. 44580.

WILLIAM HUSKISSON, three letters, 1827.

BL Add. MS. 38749.

SIR ROBERT PEEL, 16 letters, 1827-1850.

BL Add. MSS. 40543-40610.

SIR CHARLES EDWARD TREVELYAN, a memo and letter, 1841.

Goulburn papers, Surrey RO

SIR ROBERT JOHN WILMOT-HORTON, 13 letters, 1828-1831.

Catton collection, Derby Borough Library.

CHARLES WOOD, 1st Viscount Halifax, one letter, 1843.

Grey of Howick papers, Durham DP

Printed Material

Economic Writings of James Pennington , ed. Richard S. Sayers ( London, 1963).

New Palgrave ; ODNB; Boase II 1454.