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Josiah Stamp’s papers were destroyed when he and his wife and eldest son were killed by an enemy bomb on their home in Kent on 16 April 1941.


Papers re national income 1924.



Notes for Dawes Committee on Reparations 1924.

Sir Andrew Mcfadyean Papers, BLPES, and Horace Finlayson Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College Cambridge.


Miscellaneous papers relating to or by Stamp.

RAIL 1057/3312 and 3317, National Archives, Kew.


War Cabinet Survey of Economic and Financial Plans, 1939-41.

CAB 89, National Archives, Kew.



WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Correspondence 1922-40, Beveridge Papers, BLPES

EDWIN CANNAN, Correspondence 1919-33, Cannan Papers, BLPES

ALFRED GEORGE GARDINER, Correspondence 1930-2, Gardiner Papers, BLPES

RALPH GEORGE HAWTREY, Correspondence 1928, Hawtrey Papers, Churchill Archive Centre, Churchill College Cambridge

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Correspondence 1924-33, Keynes Papers, Modern Archive Centre, King’s College Cambridge

SIR ANDREW MCFADYEAN, Correspondence 1924-33, McFadyean Papers, BLPES

REGINALD MCKENNA, Correspondence 1923-9, McKenna Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College Cambridge

LIONEL CHARLES ROBBINS, Correspondence 1931-4, Robbins Papers, BLPES

DENNIS HULME ROBERTSON, Correspondence 1938, Robertson Papers, Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge

MACMILLAN & CO, Correspondence 1919-40, Macmillan Archive, Add Ms 55207, British Library

Printed material

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Photographs and drawing, NPG; photographs in J. Harry Jones, Josiah Stamp: Public Servant, The Life of the First Baron Stamp of Shortlands (1964) and in Ralf Dahrendorf, LSE (1995)