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Nicholson's daughter had no papers, and none are known else­where.

What Nicholson taught at Edinburgh can be gauged from elaborate student notes on his lectures and examination papers. See three sets of notes by Messrs Ross, Easterbrook, and McPhail, covering the period 1887-1899. Edinburgh UL Special Collections. Accession numbers E72.10, E72.26, and E78.15 respectively; Gen 1901, 2069-72. See too letter to Geikie about examinations in agricultural economics, 1891-2, in Da 45.5, ff 25, 31, 33. Some student essays with Nicholson’s comments are in Gen 2002/2, and a notice of Nicholson can be found in Sir John Flett’s reminiscences of student life, 1886-1894, Dc 6.116, ff 21-22.

Nicholson’s letter resigning the chair of political economy on 2 July, 1925 and the printed addresses given on the occasion of the presentation of a portrait of Nicholson to celebrate 45 years in the chair can be found in Edinburgh UL, Special Collections.

Undated lecture on John Law with reference to the Currency Commission

NLS MS4725 f 94ff


SIR CHARLES ADDIS, letters to, 1916-1925.

School of Oriental and African Studies Library Archives, PP MS 14

WILLIAM BLACKWOOD & sons, letters to and from, 1888-1893, dealing with Nicholson’s economic writings and works of fiction. NLS, MSS. 4522, 4539, 4605, 4725; and one letter from Blackwood in Edinburgh UL Gen 1790.

EDWIN CANNAN, 20 letters, 1904-1925. Cannan collection, BLPES

FRANCIS YSIDRO EDGEWORTH, two letters, 1888-1891. Edgeworth papers 7; A letter from Edgeworth, 27 February, 1921 in Edinburgh UL, Gen 1731

CHARLES RYLE FAY, six letters, 1908-1910. Miscellaneous letters, Marshall Library, Cambridge.


SIR ARCHIBALD GEIKIE, three letters, 1891-1892. Edinburgh UL

JOHN NEVILLE KEYNES, 24 letters, 1884-1909. J. N. Keynes correspondence, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

MACMILLAN, many letters, 1906-1926, dealing with Nicholson’s Project of Empire. BL, Macmillan Archive, MS 55209

SIR ROBERT HARRY INGLIS PALGRAVE, four letters, 1886-1897. Palgrave papers. 9

EDWIN ROBERT ANDERSON SELIGMAN, two letters, 1896-1910. Seligman papers, Columbia UL, New York.

Printed Material

WILLIAM ROBERT SCOTT, ‘Joseph Shield Nicholson, 1850-1927’, Proceedings of the British Academy, XIV (1928).New Palgrave ; ODNB.

Portraits: photograph, N. P.G.(A); Portrait by H. Lintott, Edinburgh University