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c. 1000 volumes and documents comprising working papers 1925-1961.

Notebooks of Charles Ryle Fay, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

Correspondence and papers on education and early career, 1894-1910.

Ms.Add.7746, Department of Manscripts and University Archives, Cambridge University Library

Correspondence, journal and manuscripts.

Charles Ryle Fay Papers, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto Library.

Letters to Fay from famous economists, various dates.

Charles Ryle Fay Papers, Marshall Library of Economics, Cambridge.


WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Correspondence 1922, 1928-44, Beveridge Papers, BLPES

OSCAR BROWNING, Correspondence 1901-12, Oscar Browning Papers, Modern Archive Centre, King’s College Cambridge; Correspondence 1907-22, Ms.Add.7461, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives, Cambridge University Library

EDWIN CANNAN, Correspondence 1907-14, 1925-33, Cannan Papers, BLPES

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Correspondence 1910-43, Keynes Papers, Modern Archive Centre, King’s College Cambridge

LIONEL CHARLES ROBBINS, Correspondence 1958, Robbins Papers, BLPES

DENNIS HULME ROBERTSON, Correspondence 1935 and 1958, Robertson Papers, Trinity College Cambridge

ECONOMIC HISTORY SOCIETY, Correspondence with Eileen Power and Michael Postan, 1939-41, Economic History Society/O/1, BLPES

MANCHESTER GUARDIAN, Letters to the Editor of the Manchester Guardian , Guardian Archive, John Rylands Library, Manchester

ROYAL ECONOMIC SOCIETY, Correspondence with editors of Economic Journal, 1951, Royal Economic Society Archives, BLPES

Printed material

New Palgrave; C.R. Fay, Youth and Power: the diversions of an economist (London: Longmans 1931); Hugh Gault, Quirky Dr Fay: a remarkable life (Cambridge: Gretton Books, 2011)