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Correspondence, 1822-1873, including Mill's own letters to Fawcett and Cairnes, with many notebooks, accounts and other papers. Mill-Taylor collection, BLPES

Correspondence, 1812-1873, including 237 of his own letters, many of which are to Harriet Taylor, and nearly 200 in-letters, several of which are from economists. Also a journal of a walk­ing tour in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey, and some other miscellaneous manuscript items. J. S. Mill collection, Yale UL

Six bound volumes of correspondence, five being in-letters from correspondents including Jeremy Bentham, and one being letters from Mill to various correspondents. Johns Hopkins UL, Baltimore.

A group of letters, mostly in his hand, appearing to be drafts of letters to various correspondents, 1840-1863. Brotherton collection, Leeds UL

A collection of his letters to various correspondents, 1829­-1859. King’s College, Cambridge.

A manuscript of Mill's Autobiography, 230 pages long, and nine letters to various correspondents, 1834-1867. Hollander collection, University of Illinois Library, Urbana.

A manuscript of Principles of Political Economy. Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

Other locations for Mill manuscripts (including a press-copy holograph manuscript of the Logic, BL; a press-copy manu­script of the Autobiography, Manchester JRUL ; a holograph manuscript of the Autobiography, Columbia UL, New York) are numerous and details can be obtained from Collected Works and the Mill Newsletter.

Printed Material  

The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill ed. John M. Robson, 33 volumes (Toronto, 1965-91). For the out-letters of Mill see volumes XII and XIII, the Earlier Letters of John Stuart Mill, 1812-1848 , ed. Francis E. Mineka; and volumes XIV to XVII for the Later Letters of John Stuart Mill, 1849-1873, ed. Francis L. Mineka and Dwight N. Lindley,

New Palgrave ; ODNB; Boase II 87 5 ; ESS X 481; IESS X 340.

Portraits: BL (P); NPG; City Hall, Westminster.