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MILL, JAMES 1773-1836


Four volumes of commonplace books, containing extracts on political and philosophical subjects, with his comments, c. 1810-1819. London Library.These commonplace books can now be consulted online at http://www.intellectualhistory.net/mill.

One volume of manuscript notes, largely bibliographical. Also two letters of 1831 and 1833 to Albany Fonblanque. Mill-Taylor collection, BLPES

57 letters from David Ricardo, 1811-1823, are kept with the Ricardo papers. Cambridge UL, Add. MS. 7510.

Four letters to various correspondents, 1827-1829. Hollander collection, University of Illinois Library, Urbana.

Some of his correspondence, including letters from Bentham. John Stuart Mill collection, Yale UL


JEREMY BENTHAM, four letters, 1809. BL Add. MS. 33544.

JEREMY BENTHAM, some letters and other papers, 1814-1827. Bentham papers, UCL

JEREMY BENTHAM, one letter, 1814. King’s College, Cambridge.

HENRY PETER BROUGHAM, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, 24 letters, 1811-1836. Brougham papers, UCL

ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE, four letters, 1825. NLS, MS. 673.

ETIENNE DUMONT, several letters, n.d. Dumont MSS., Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire de Geneve.

MACVEY NAPIER, 23 letters, 1814-1831. B. M. Add. MSS. 34611-34615.

FRANCIS PLACE , many items (mainly copies), 1814-1831.

BL Add. MSS. 35144-35153, 37949.

DAVID RICARDO, 49 letters, 1810-1823. Cambridge UL, Add. MS. 7510.

SIR ROBERT JOHN WILMOT-HORTON, eight letters, 1829-1831. Catton collection, Derby Borough Library.

Printed Material

ALEXANDER BAIN, James Mill: A Biography ( London, 1882).

DONALD WINCH, James Mill: Selected Economic Writings ( Edinburgh, 1966).

New Palgrave ODNB; ESS X 480.

Portrait: see Winch (above).