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Diaries, papers, correspondence with his wife and parents (copies)

Ramsey Papers, King’s College Modern Archive Centre, Cambridge

Manuscripts relating mainly to his philosophical work but also undergraduate lecture notes and papers, drafts of his papers in economics, papers for the Cambridge Conversazione Society (the Apostles) and other discussion societies

Ramsey Papers, Archives of Scientific Philosophy, Special Collections, Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh


WALTER JOHN HERBERT (‘SEBASTIAN’) SPROTT, 14 letters to, 1923-9, SPROTT PAPERS, King’s College Modern Archive Centre, Cambridge

Printed material

ODNB XLV, 971-2; DNB Missing Persons 546-7;  New Palgrave IV, 4106; J.M. Keynes, ‘Frank Ramsey’ Essays in Biography (1933); D.H. Mellor, ‘F.P. Ramsey’, Philosophy 70 (1988), 243-62; D.H. Mellor ed Foundations: Essays in Philosophy, Logic, Mathematics and Economics (Humanities Press, 1978);  Margaret Paul, Frank Ramsey (1903-1930): A Sister’s Memoir (Huntington: Smith-Gordon 2012)


Ramsey, photograph, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, reprinted in Philosophical Papers ed D.H. Mellor (Cambridge University Press, 1990)