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17 boxes of notes, lectures and some other material, relating to the whole of Marshall's career. Also 166 letters to him, 1877­-1923, and some of his letters to others, principally Foxwell and Edgeworth.

Marshall papers, Marshall Library, Cambridge.


ERNEST ALFRED BENIANS, nine letters, 1904-1913. St John's College, Cambridge.

CHARLES BOOTH, four letters, 1901-1916. Booth papers, London UL, MS. 797.

SIR ARTHUR LYON BOWLEY, four letters, 1901. Bowley papers, BLPES

EDWIN CANNAN, 45 letters, 1893-1906. Cannan collection, BLPES

JOHN BATES CLARK, nine letters, 1886-1902. Clark papers, Columbia UL, New York.

FRANCIS YSIDRO EDGEWORTH, two letters, 1881. Edgeworth papers. 7

CHARLES RYLE FAY, ten letters, 1906-1910. Miscellaneous letters, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

HERBERT SOMERTON FOXWELL, 49 letters, 1875-1922, in RDFC: 9 letters, 1899. Foxwell papers, Baker Library, Harvard University.

SIR ROBERT GIFFEN, three letters, 1895-1904. Giffen collection, BLPES

WILLIAM ALBERT SAMUEL HEWINS, 15 letters, 1893-1902. Hewins papers, Sheffield UL

JOHN KELLS INGRAM, four letters, 1890. Ingram papers, PRONI

WILLIAM STANLEY JEVONS, two letters, 1875-1879. Jevons papers, Manchester JRUL

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Baron Keynes, 39 letters, 1906-1923. Keynes papers, KC, Cambridge.

JOHN NEVILLE KEYNES, 117 letters, c. 1880-1912.

J. N. Keynes correspondence, Marshall Library, Cambridge.

MACMILLAN, manyletters, 1881-1924. BL Add. MS. 55174.

SIMON NEWCOMB, four letters, 1892. Newcomb papers, Library of Congress.

NICOLAAS GERARD PIERSON, five letters, 1891. Pierson papers, Municipal University of Amsterdam.

SIR WILLIAM ROTHENSTEIN, two letters, 1908. Houghton Library, Harvard University.

WILLIAM ROBERT SCOTT, two letters, 1902-1922. Scott papers, PRONI

EDWIN ROBERT ANDERSON SELIGMAN, 18 letters, 1890-1908. Seligman papers, Columbia UL, New York.

LÉON WALRAS, eight letters, 1883-1889. Fonds Walras, Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire, Lau­sanne.

KNUT WICKSELL, six letters, 1904-1916. Wicksell papers, Lund Universitetsbibliotek, Sweden.

Printed Material

A.C. PIGOU, Memorials of Alfred Marshall ( London, 1925).

MARY PALEY MARSHALL, What I Remember ( Cambridge, 1947).

PETER GROENEWEGEN, A Soaring Eage: Alfred Marshall 1842-1924 ( Cheltenham , 1995)

Alfred Marshall’s Lectures to Women, eds Tiziano Raffaelli, Eugenio Biagini, and Rital McWilliams Tullberg, ( Cheltenham, 1995)

The Correspondence of Alfred Marshall, Economist ed. John K. Whitaker, 3 volumes ( Cambridge, 1996)

Official Papers of Alfred Marshall; A Supplement ed. Peter Groenewegen, ( Cambridge, 1996)

New Palgrave ; ODNB; ESS X 155; IESS X 25.

Portraits: NPG (A); St John’s College, Cambridge; see Pigou (above).