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Published works, and printed documents concerning his peti­tion of right to the Crown for compensation for work done on a digest of the laws of bills of exchange. Also ten letters, 1898­1900, to his son, R. H. Macleod, on a gold standard for India. Macleod papers. 11

A group of seven letters, 1870-1871, to various correspondents. Edinburgh UL


JOHN HILL BURTON, nine letters, 1860-1871. NLS, MS. 9396 et seq.

EDWIN CHADWICK, ten items, 1859-1889. Chadwick papers, UCL.

HERBERT SOMERTON FOXWELL, 14 letters, 1863-1884, in RDFC

JOHN KELLS INGRAM, 2 letters, 1886-1892, Ingram papers, PRONI

REGINALD EARLE WELBY, 1 ST Baron Welby, a letter and a memorandum, 1895-1899, Welby collection, BLPES

Printed Material

JOHN MALONEY, Marshall, Orthodoxy and the Professionalisation of Econommics ( Cambridge, 1985)

DNB 1901-1911, 540; ESS X 30