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The Hicks Papers are held by the Hicks Foundation, Oxford, and are not open to researchers.

Letters to the Manchester Guardian 1925-55.

Manchester Guardian Archive, John Rylands Library, Manchester


WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Correspondence 1931-44, Beveridge Papers, BLPES

ROY FORBES HARROD, Correspondence 1933-73, Harrod Papers, Chiba University of Commerce

RALPH GEORGE HAWTREY, Correspondence 1936-69, Hawtrey Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College Cambridge

FRIEDRICH AUGUST HAYEK, Correspondence 1965-84, Hayek Papers, Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University

NICHOLAS KALDOR, Correspondence 1930s, Kaldor Papers, Modern Archive Centre, King’s College Cambridge

FRITZ MACHLUP, Correspondence 1934-81, Machlup Papers, Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University

JAMES EDWARD MEADE, Correspondence 1932-69, Meade Papers, BLPES

ARNOLD PLANT, Correspondence 1928-9, Plant Papers, BLPES

LIONEL CHARLES ROBBINS, Correspondence 1939-71, Robbins Papers, BLPES

DENNIS HOLME ROBERTSON, Correspondence 1933-56, Robertson Papers, Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge

JOAN VIOLET ROBINSON, Correspondence 1933, 1935, Joan Robinson Papers, Modern Archive Centre, King’s College Cambridge

JOHN WILLIAM NEVILL WATKINS, Correspondence 1974, Watkins Papers, BLPES

ROYAL ECONOMIC SOCIETY, Correspondence with editors of the Economic Journal 1945-71, Royal Economic Society Archives, BLPES

Printed material

ODNB; New Palgrave II, 641-6; Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, XII, pp. 215-31.

T. Hirai and T. Nishizawa, ‘The letters between John Hicks and Ursula Webb, September-December 1935’, Institute for Economic and Business Administration Research, University of Hyogo, Working Paper 2007 (Hyogo, 2006)


NPG; All Souls’ College, Oxford