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CANNAN, EDWIN 1861-1935


Manuscript, typescript and printed papers in 143 volumes, 1876-1935, including correspondence, publishers’ agreements and accounts, and other papers.

Cannan Papers, BLPES


WILLIAM HENRY BEVERIDGE, Baron Beveridge, Correspondence 1921-34, Beveridge Papers, BLPES

C.F. BICKERDIKE, Correspondence 1902-24, Bickerdike Papers*

HERBERT SOMERTON FOXWELL, Correspondence 1901-29, Foxwell Papers,  Kwansei Gakuin University+

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, Baron Keynes, Correspondence 1912-35, Keynes Papers, Modern Archive Centre, King’s College Cambridge

JAMES EDWARD MEADE, Correspondence 1932, Meade Papers, BLPES

LIONEL CHARLES ROBBINS, Notes of Cannan’s lectures at LSE, 1921-3, and correspondence 1924-34, Robbins Papers, BLPES

EDWIN ROBERT ANDERSON SELIGMAN, Correspondence 1897, 1930, Seligman Papers, Columbia University Library, New York

GRAHAM WALLAS, Correspondence 1914-22, Wallas Papers, BLPES

Printed material

Edwin Cannan, An Economist’s Protest (London, 1927); A.L. Bowley, ‘Obituary’, and Lionel Robbins, ‘A student’s recollections of Edwin Cannan, Economic Journal 45 (June 1935), 385-98

ODNB; New Palgrave


London Essays in Economics: In Honour of Edwin Cannan, eds T.E. Gregory and Hugh Dalton (London, 1927)

* Current whereabouts unknown: see Bruce Larson, ‘Bickerdike’s life and work’, History of Political Economy 19:1 (1987), 1-21

+ For availability see item on Foxwell Papers in News and Views