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Letters and testimonials connected with his academic appoint­ments, 1873-1882.

Registered papers, State Paper Office ( Dublin Castle).


JOHN ELLIOT CAIRNES, eight items, 1862-1863. NLI, MS. 8955.

EDWIN CHADWICK, three letters, n.d. Chadwick papers, UCL

WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, two letters, 1867-1873.

BL Add. MSS. 44413-44437.

JOHN KELLS INGRAM, c. 60 letters, mainly n.d.

Ingram papers, PRONI

WILLIAM STANLEY JEVONS, two letters, 1878-1879.

Jevons papers, Manchester JRUL

JOHN STUART MILL, two letters, 1870.

Mill-Taylor collection, BLPES

JOHN STUART MILL, letter or letters, n.d. Mill papers, Yale UL.

CHARLES HENRY PEARSON, two letters, 1879. Bodleian, MS. Eng. Lett. d189.

HELEN TAYLOR, a few letters, 1867-1878? Mill-Taylor collection, BLPES.

LÉON WALRAS, three letters, 1874-1879.

Fonds Walras, Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire, Lau­sanne.

Printed Material

New Palgrave ; ODNB; Boase II 397; ESS IX 417; IESS IX 260.