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Personal papers,with some correspondence, including memoirs and correspondence of his wife Adela Kalecka.

Archives of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Administrative papers relating to work at the University of Oxford, 1939-45

Archives of the Oxford University Institute of Statistics, Bodleian

Administrative papers relating to work at the United Nations, 1945-55

Archives of the United Nations, New York.

Political surveillance reports, 1945-55

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, Washington, D.D.

Professional Papers relating to economic planning, 1946-66

Polish Government Archives, Archiwum Akt, Nowych, Warsaw.


MAURICE HERBERT DOBB, Correspondence 1939-65, Dobb Papers, Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge.

RICHARD FERDINAND KAHN, BARON KAHN, Correspondence 1937-40, Kahn Papers, KC, Cambridge.

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES, BARON KEYNES, Correspondence 1937-45, Keynes Papers, KC, Cambridge.

JOAN VIOLET ROBINSON, Correspondence 1936-79, Joan Robinson Papers, KC, Cambridge.

GEORGE ALLEN AND UNWIN, Correspondence 1938-55, George Allen and Unwin Archives, University Library, University of Reading.

Printed Sources

Michal Kalecki Dziela edited by Jerzy Osiatynski, 6 volumes (Warsaw 1979-88), includes published works and unpublished papers and correspondence.

Collected Works of Michal Kalecki edited by Jerzy Osiatynski, 8 volumes (Oxford 1990-97) an extended English-language version of Michal Kalecki Dziela.

ODNB , XXX, 865-7; New Palgrave, III, 8-14; IESS, XVIII, 369-72.

Portraits: Kalecki Papers, Polish Academy of Sciences.